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Hello There Friends!!

I’m Mandy and that guy up there in the photo is the love of my life, Andy! 

I’d been in the wedding industry for a while before I met Andy and I went by a lot of business names, but nothing really fit me and what I do.

Well, it turned out his last name was "Storey!”  So when it came time for a name change, it only seemed fitting for me since my occupation is to tell another’s love story and capture their moments.

Hence, LoveStorey Photography was born! 

I’ve now been in the wedding game for over 10 years!!  So you will get all of my awesome experience to make your event the best ever!

I'm also silly, kind, patient and assertive but overall I love creating beautiful things.  I have a way of making couples feel comfortable in front of the camera.  You’re not going to forget the camera is there, however, I'll walk you through everything, like when to look, pose & smile so it will feel like a walk in the park for you.

So give me a call or DM me so we can make something beautiful together.

Wedding - Lifestyle -Family- Photographer


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